What will be 5 great Decentralised businesses in 2017, are these possibilities?

So while you fill your face with Christmas food, and start to look optimistically towards 2017, I've decided to analyse some businesses that would make great DAOs.

The technology already exists to run fully decentralised autonomous companies, but what is missing is the imagination and the integration with traditional entrepreneurs. Hopefully 2017 and projects like -wings- will start to bridge this divide.

So without further ado, Here are 5 company types that could benefit from becoming a DAO.

1 – Football Club/ Soccer club

Yes this can be extended to any sports franchise, but I’m English, so there’s only 1 sport
worth considering and that’s Football. There are already plenty of football clubs that are owned by fans, but the decisions are still made by a board. Fans would get an even better experience if they could vote on the next manager, major signings, ticket prices, kit colours and stadium names. This could all be done while sharing revenue directly with fans, giving them an even deeper connection to their favourite sporting heroes. I hope we see the first DAO owned sporting franchise, regardless of size during 2017, I feel its definitely possible, and I personally would love to back one with my hard earned crypto currency.

This could even be extended to a boxing/MMA type company, with matchmaking being made by fans, and sponsorship money and PPV being distributed amongst equity holders

PROS : Fans feel closer to teams

Club finances are more transparent
Anyone can become a stakeholder
Profiteering ceases to become a problem.

CONS: Difficult to regulate who owns stakes in which clubs

2- Crypto-currency Exchange

This is probably the most needed thing in the universe. There has been efforts to build decentralised exchanges, but unfortunately true decentralisation is very difficult to incentivise. What we now have is a few efforts with little activity meanwhile most of the volume is found on centralised exchanges. The problem is that these exchanges have to follow too many laws which actually exclude quite a great deal of the most promising crypto projects, this actually builds a greater barrier to adoption for some of the most promising projects such as DASH and NXT which are not allowed on some US exchanges because of dividend rules and anonymity features.

A DAO would be a perfect fit for a crypto exchange as its equity holders would be vested to provide a good service for the benefit of the exchange and the entire crypto community and by extension the entire world. Anonymity negates pretty much all laws, and with all profits paid out in crypto, it will be almost impossible to be forced into paying anymore taxes than the stakeholders agreed to pay. Advertising can be done with a portion of the revenues which will lead to growth, plus equity holders will actively promote the exchange via social media as it will directly benefit them.

PROs; Budget for lobbying

Power to negate some overbearing governments
ability to accept ALL cryptos

CONs : Most decision making will take longer than traditional exchanges

Some centralisation will be needed to secure balances
Language barriers may hinder international adoption

3- Social trading platform

One of Crypto currency’s main features is the ability to easily and cheaply distribute equity to anyone connected to the network anywhere in the world. Another main feature is immutability, the combination of these two things is a perfect breeding ground for a decentralised social trading platform.

This platform would record every members trades, and also their previous success rate. By then charging people to follow the trades of a certain member and allowing for proxy trading on centralised or even decentralised exchanges this could be an easy way to let known winners pick your stocks for you in an instant manner. Also the members could send out stock picks using the Daos messaging system to help people organise their portfolio.

Pros; Equity offerings and movement without massive regulation
Full immutable merit finding methods would be easy to implement
Equity pickers could still remain anonymous and trusted

Cons; Would certainly be outlawed anywhere in the developed world.
Could only be used for crypto related investments

4- Political Party

Imagine a Political party where EVERYTHING was transparent, where we knew exactly how much was donated, and when. Where all of those funds went and Where we knew exactly what was said by whom during meetings. This level of transparency is unheard of in our modern world and the corruption that follows the opaque nature of our current political systems is powerful. A Decentralised autonomous political party could change all of that.

The thing with Blockchain is that it affords privacy as well as transparency, but in very obvious ways. So the things which need to be conducted in private, such as members private details can be obscured and the things which should always be conducted in public, such as negotiations with private entities should be. Corruption would be a difficult thing to accomplish with such a party, joining would be easy and information sharing would be excellent. Voting on party business would be fair, but would rely on a system to link each individual to an account within the system.

Pros: Tackles many forms of corruption with plenty of transparency

Cons: Relies heavily on a technology to link every human being to a single account.

5- Movie production company

This is by far the one I feel could be implemented the soonest and if I don’t see one implemented by summer I’ll have to try and build one personally. A decentralised movie production company would be perfect. Basically it would be like an extension to the crowdfunding method of producing films, but with token holders able to vote on what actually gets produced and what portion of the profits would be split among shareholders and what should be put back into the development pot. There have been many notable successes in crowd funded movie production. And with the falling price of media production, and new revenue models, I believe a decentralised approach would be perfect.

People would vote on which pitches received funding, but could also strike deals with distributors to show their films, this could be done in private by elected officials on behalf of the DAO, and sponsorship and native advertising could also be negotiated both in private or in public.
If you use this idea and launch it, please let me know. I’d love to be involved!

Pros: Community funds movies that community wants, or feel would be successful

Advertising can be publicly negotiated, or privately as needs dictate.
If banned in Places could easily move production anywhere worldwide.
Could be easily expanded to video game and mobile app production.

Cons: Proposers could vanish with production budget,

May be seen as equity in some places (USA) and subsequently banned.

So here’s my list of DAOs I think could change their respective games, This is just my own personal view of opportunities that lay ahead for blockchain based business.

I’m extremely bullish on DAOs, I think they could have a similar impact to what Bitcoin has had on money, and possibly even a bigger impact, as we develop better and more efficient governance models and methods, we will build smarter and more nimble companies and harness the collective intelligence of our members even better as time goes on.

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What will be 5 great Decentralised businesses in 2017, are these possibilities? So while you fill your face with Christmas food, and st...

Sunday 24th July 2016

This morning I had the brilliant idea of putting together a team of writers then publishing our content on steemit.com

Steemit.com is a crypto currency related social network, very similar to reddit, with the difference that good content gets paid in actual money, albeit Steem dollars. Easily convertable to Bitcoin or Fiat.

So during my lightning fast brainstorm I came up with a name STEEM TEEM, and a idea of how we will divide our earnings from the platform. Firstly why is it better to collaborate on Steem?
Steem power gives the writer of a post more exposure similar to a higher google ranking. However steem power is not free, it can either be earned or bought. The thing about using a collective to publish your posts, is that you will have the visibilty of the group for each of your listings instead of just being one in an ocean of new posts each getting very few views. Its beneficial to have great writers, because that will bring more upvotes and in turn more steem power and in turn more visibility, can you see how the vicious cycle grows and grows?

So I decided quite quickly that the first 3 posts a writer donates to the STEEM TEEM will add exclusively to the steem power of the collective, After that the writer will keep 70% of the steem dollars earned, with the other 30% being divided between Crypto SI, Steem teem Shareholder (to be explored later) and more steem power, I really cant emphasise how important steem power is to visibility.

I thought also about selling upvotes when, the STEEM TEEM vote becomes powerful enough, this may take a while and has ethical implications, but all can be explored at a later date.

Shareholders, I thought of having an equity sale which can go towards purchasing steem power and reward the investors in the steem teem with a regular dividend (monthly) from a percentage of the money raised by our bloggers. This also gives the bloggers a chance to own a portion of the project if they can see a long term future for it.

I havent seen anything like this yet on steem, but its only a matter of time, the real challenge will be if its shunned on the platform or steps are taken to downvote collaborative posters. Its a small risk and worth taking in my opinion.

I currently have just over $1k worth of steem power, which is enough to get a small amount of traction, so I'm pretty much ready to get this project started tomorrow

If you'd like to recommend a blogger or vlogger to the STEEM TEEM, feel free to message me
or you can find me on twitter @crypto_si
instagram @mrcarlanthony

Let me know what you think of this musing in the comments below.

Sunday 24th July 2016 This morning I had the brilliant idea of putting together a team of writers then publishing our content on steemit.c...

Adfete is a new platform I'm working on, It's pretty straight forward so I wont subject you to a tonne of reading before giving you the summary.......

Adfete will be a platform, utilising crypto currency, which will allow people to buy and sell product placement in any form of media. I'll let that marinade in your mind for a moment.

I had the idea when I learned of a story that the daily telegraph (big newspaper in UK), would not cover the HSBC drug cartel money laundering scandal, because HSBC were a major advertiser. I wondered who would cover this story? Young turks? Max keiser? A whole host of other shows with a tiny foloowing and almost zero advertising dollars behind them. Is this because they don't get the viewership figures? Is this because brands dont know where to go to contact these people to make proposals?

I watch a lot of music videos on YouTube, here's one I'd typically watch

5 million views over the course of a year - all with some very specific analytics. I'm pretty sure the uploader knows the ages and locations of most of the viewers, along with a whole host of other metrics. This is an independent video, shot by a couple of kids from london, on a budget that would rival my monthly petrol bill. The next time they shoot a video I'd happily pay them 1-2k to advertise my sneaker brand, knowing it'll have 5 million eyes on it (allbeit not unique hits), assuming they'll throw in a tweet to their 41k followers, and a link in the description to my website to buy the shoes. Perhaps I know nothing about product placement prices, perhaps that exposure is only worth 500 quid..... I'll tell you what, I bet these would of taken the money!

lets put this into context : The Great British Bake Off most-watched TV show in 2015. With more than 15 million viewers - The most watched show on commercial TV was the britains got talent final which had 12.51 million viewers, Just imagine how much you'd pay to have cups in front of the judges for 12 million viewers. In music video terms thats not close to the best of the year, Zayn malik will rack that up in a few hours, 6 months later he's at half a billion, what price for him to wear a certain watch in his next video? Or maybe sing about getting his girlfriend your fragrance? just a line has to be worth quite a bit, but its purely speculation, AdFete would build a market and let it decide.

Dash, (www.dash.org) for me was the first DAO, people may argue it was Bitcoin, but that's all happening in another blog post somewhere. Anyway...... For me it's highlighted exactly how easy it is to implement the wishes of the community with cryptocurrency. Nxt (www.nxt.org) makes it super easy to set up a mechanism for paying your share holders. So that could be incorporated also into the platform.

I've started building the platform, and I'm floating the idea about to see what people think, I've not even mentioned Porn yet, we'll save that for another post, when I've gotten my mind around the moral implications. So what do you think? A place to make the home twitch streamer a couple extra quid, or to fuel the next generation of investigative journalists, as long as they get views, they can engage in some native advertising.

feel free to check out the forums while they are being developed http://adfeteforums.com/
and the website http://adfete.com/

It's going to be a great journey

Adfete is a new platform I'm working on, It's pretty straight forward so I wont subject you to a tonne of reading before giving you ...

How to become a Millionaire from Dash

So I've held the digital currency Dash, since it was called DarkCoin, and it's just gotten better and better. So I decided to do a little Math and give my 'research' a click baity title.

I've decided that Dash is actually better than Bitcoin in almost ALL aspects, expect for the mighty NETWORK EFFECT, however what if Dash had this network effect, what if one day Dash became as big as Bitcoin is right now, in terms of Market cap, namely $6bn at the time of writing (20th Jan 2016).

Lets see how we could become millionaires by investing in dash right now and allowing the value to just rise, as it inevitably will. (Dash shill much?)

So currently the market cap is 28.25 Million dollars, Whereas Bitcoin's marketcap is 6.213 Billion Dollars, So Bitcoin is roughly 220 times the size of Dash currently 219.920436102 to be precise.
This means that When Dash becomes the size of Bitcoin a mere 6billion, each Individual Dash Coin would be worth a staggering $1000 or $1009.43 to be exact, So if you had 1000 of them you would be a Millionaire!

Here's the interesting part, It costs 1000 Dash to Start your own masternode, which is an income producing asset, featured in my blog last year in this post, So not only would buying a masternode produce a steady income, it will also be the collateral for you to become a millionaire should Dash meet the underwhelming heights that Bitcoin has so far reached..... Money well invested if you ask me.

So how much will this investment cost me?

Well 1000 Dash at today's prices would cost you $4590, and produce a return of around 17.5% per year, not to be sneezed at :) plus in the back of your mind you will know that there's a decent chance you'll become a millionaire if Dash hits the Big Time.....Well more like Medium-Time, so what've you got to lose?

Happy St Duffield's Day!  

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How to become a Millionaire from Dash So I've held the digital currency Dash, since it was called DarkCoin, and it's just gott...

So this morning I woke up asking myself this simple question, If Bitcoin achieves mass adoption, how would we solve the problem of ever increasing debt?

This blog post is more the ramblings of a crazy man than a scientific theory, but bear with me as I elaborate.

I have been investing in p2p lending sites for almost 2 years now, and constantly been running into the same problem........ There is no rule of law. This means that people can borrow money and not pay it back with nothing to stop them except a loss of reputation, which is not always tied to a real human being anyway.
I often have told myself that this is fine and it's the way the world should work, in this way we can weed out the bad lenders and too much borrowing would naturally correct itself as lenders are more careful of who they lend to. But is this a good thing? And is this the only solution a market would find?
What has upset me about the situation with non-paying borrowers is the way lenders sometimes become very aggressive in their comments about them, you will frequently see the term 'scammer' being used for anyone who decides they are not willing to pay a loan back. Granted often these people never intended to pay back the loan, so the label is correct, but the blanket aggression is worrying. I've also seen individual lenders hoping that non paying borrowers get arrested and thrown in jail and things as extreme as that.

This has lead me to wonder, how much will the lenders, who after all are just regular humans like me or you (perhaps), exploit the borrowers and what types of laws or rules will be introduced regarding the non payment of P2P loans. Currently the world only functions because new money is created to pay down old debt, but with Bitcoin that's simply not possible, so what would be the alternatives?
furthermore, who would be incharge of these laws, given the international nature of the internet?

I'm sure someone will correct me, but wasn't this the problem that lead to interest being outlawed under the 'usery' laws in days gone by when Gold was used as money?

Most of the sites impose a fixed interest rate based on the users credit rating, but this is also wrong for so many reasons and instantly kills the short term loan market on any platform that introduces it.

So what is the answer? How can we lend to each other without asking the borrower to put up their liberty as collateral? QE is a dirty word in Bitcoin circles, but without it, is it possible for our money to work for us all?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below,

also check out my new site when you get a chance, and keep your ears peeled for more information about AdFete, It's a reallly interesting new project I'm currently working on.


So this morning I woke up asking myself this simple question, If Bitcoin achieves mass adoption, how would we solve the problem of ever inc...